Gravity 27 Ripper Complete

Height: 5in ,Width: 8in ,Length: 27in
Weight: 7.5lbs


Bring some zest to your cruise with this multi-colored, complete mini-cruiser from Gravity! Ripper is designed for excellent deck motion and a more powerful grip during skating. While the brightness surely makes you stand out in a crowd, its 129-mm trucks, durable Classic 78A wheels, and Abec 7 bearings ensure a quick and nimble ride that is great for commuting from one place to another with great impact.

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Gravity’s 27” X 8” maple-wood Ripper mini-cruiser has ultra-high specs for even the most demanding and persevering of pro skaters. Long enough for agility and stability even in crowded places, its 129-mm trucks and durable 65-mm Classic 78A wheels come equipped with 608ZZ Abec 7 bearings that make this skateboard super comfortable for cruising streets, skate parks, ramps, pools, or even rough ground overall. Whether you’re performing stunts or simply skateboarding to class, the Ripper rides at an enhanced speed and will get you where you want in style.


  • 27 inches long, 8 inches wide of maple wood; weighs 7.5 pounds
  • 129-mm trucks and 65-mm, Classic 78A wheels soak up all those bumps and cracks on the road while ensuring a speedy but smooth ride; super shock absorption and fine abrasion resistance
  • Fully assembled with 608ZZ Abec 7 bearings for enhanced speed and greater spins


Weight: 7.5 lbs

Dimensions: 27” x 8” x 5” mini-cruiser made of maple wood

Trucks: 129 mm

Wheels: 65 mm, Classic 78A

Bearings: 608ZZ Abec 7

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Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 8 × 5 in