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At Southern California Skate, we understand that looking for the best skateboards for adult beginners can be a challenge by itself.  That’s why we’re here. We are an online skate shop for skateboard goods and more. From short boards and skateboards for beginners to in-lines and scooters that are the right size for kids, we got the best range of popular and specially designed gear just for you. Explore our comprehensive selections of rider-approved, well-built, and cool-looking skateboarding gear.


Southern California Skate was established to help everyday skaters, and even budget-limited kids, find the best skateboarding gear that fits their needs without sacrificing price nor craftsmanship.


As a skateboard brand, we deliver impeccably designed products at competitive prices.


Southern California Skate envisions to become the premier destination for everyday skaters for everything related to the skating scene.